Make Your Own Rain Barrel
Yellow Fish Road
The Yellow Fish Road (YFR) programís goal is to help Canadians understand that storm drains are the doorways to our rivers, lakes and streams. Preventing pollutants from entering our storm drains is critical to protecting and improving our watersheds, water quality and aquatic habitat.

The SCCWS are the distributor for the Yellow Fish Road program in Saskatchewan. If you are interested in having a YFR workshop contact us at or 306-778-5007 to get your kit.

For more information on YFR go to their website.

Rain Chain Instructions
Adobe Acrobat File Rain Chain (348KB)

Rain Barrel Maintenance
Adobe Acrobat File Rain Barrel Maintenance (721KB)
Drought Proof Your Life
Drought Proof your life by making a simple rain barrel. Watch this video for step by step instructions.

The SCCWS have acquired a mulcher and tree planter. This equipment is available for rent by calling Arlene at 306-778-5007 or Click Here to email me.
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