The Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards were formed from local stakeholders in the Rush Lake and Swift Current Creek Watersheds. A stakeholder is any individual or group who has a stake in the health of Swift Current Creek Watershed. These stakeholders include urban and rural residents, ranchers, farmers, hunters, fishers, dairies, and anyone who relies on the watershed. The Swift Current Creek Watershed is the area of land that drains water into Swift Current Creek, beginning just northeast of Eastend and emptying into the South Saskatchewan River north of Stewart Valley.

In March 1999, raw effluent spilled from the City of Swift Current lagoons into the Swift Current Creek. SERM fined the City of Swift Current $25,000 with the provision that the City would pay $5000 per year for five years to forming and leading a stream stewardship group which would address riparian and water quality issues in the watershed.

The first order of business was to alleviate the fears of stakeholders regarding the false impression that this was a “fence the creek” group. A community meeting was planned for January 2001 and the topic was “Riparian Stewardship.” Many interested parties were in attendance, from cottage associations, to RM’s, to Wildlife groups. All related government agencies were in attendance and gave an outline of what input or service they offered regarding watershed or stream stewardship. All stakeholders in attendance felt that further meetings, in regard to stewardship, would be valuable and a steering committee was appointed to discuss future options for the group. This original steering committee included volunteers from areas around the watershed and government representatives.
In October of 1998 Sask Water, Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management (SERM), Sask Ag, Saskatchewan Wetlands Conservation Corporation (SWCC), Community Health and PFRA (Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration) representatives got together to address concern with water quality raised by the City of Swift Current in relation to increased treatment costs. In January 1999, the PFRA reported that their analysis of the water quality data indicated that there was no obvious decrease in water quality at the City reservoir. The group decided that promoting stream stewardship values and increasing water quality monitoring would still be a beneficial activity, regardless of the data analysis results. The focus of the group turned to monitoring on the creek and educational activities.

The Rural Municipalities within the Watershed are:
Arlington #79
Bone Creek #108
Carmichael #109
Coulee #136
Excelsior #166
Grassy Creek #78
Gull Lake #139
Lac Pelletier #107
Piapot #110
Saskatchewan Landing #167
Swift Current #137
Webb #138
White Valley #49

Cities/Towns/Villages/Hamlets in the Swift Current Creek Watershed are:

Darlings Beach
Rush Lake
Stewart Valley
Swift Current

The Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards regard education as the key to positive creek stewardship. To enforce this principle, Frog Hoppers was created by SCCWS. This program is delivered to youth ages 6-14 throughout the summer months and during the school year in classrooms as requested by teachers. This is a free educational service. For more information please see our "Frog Hoppers" Tab!

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